I am someone who can hardly sit still for more than the length of a movie. I have had some circulation issues and a neuroma in my right foot. However, after discovering Sockwell socks, my active life can continue like normal. I stand on concrete for work all day. I workout. I hike and explore trails. The most important thing for me, though, is my running. I need my feet to be taken care of. I've tried other socks and quickly gave them away. Nothing feels as soft and as comfortable as Sockwell socks. They also provide compression and allows circulation to my feet, which no other sock has done for me as well as Sockwell. I love what they do. Plus, it's a perk Sockwell's colors and patterns are so dang cute!
—Shannon Cabrero, Puerto Rico

As a NICU & Pediatric Nurse, I initially began wearing Sockwells at work to help with my varicose veins. I had one pair and I washed them every day so they'd be ready for my next shift until I realized I was hooked and it was time to accumulate more! Then I figured if they felt that good while working, it was time to wear them running! From recovery runs to training for marathons and ultras, not only do I notice a huge difference in my circulation but I love being able to choose from all of the great designs.
—Blake Wageman, Colorado

Driven to live the healthiest and fullest life possible? Love your Sockwell socks and how they've helped you? Consider becoming a Sockwell Brand Ambassador! We're always looking for ambassadors whose lifestyle aligns with our company values to help more people feel better in style everyday. If you'd like to be considered, fill out the online application via the below link. The Sockwell Marketing Department will follow up with you soon: https://goo.gl/forms/tCafnUwYlLjUtV4y2

I'm an avid runner residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and a married mom of 3 busy kids! I am always on my feet! As someone that suffers from varicose veins and is prone to blisters, I have received tremendous relief with Sockwell socks. They have just the right amount of compression to help with circulation and recovery, great moisture management, and they allow me to keep pursuing my dreams as a runner!
—Jessica Steward, University Place, Washington

The first time I heard about the Goodhew/Sockwell line was at the 2015 Wild Trails Still Hollow 10k & Half Marathon. My wife and I were volunteering at the race, as we were in the middle of our 2015 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning adventure. As I'm getting ready to leave for the day I was told to grab something out of the grab box for volunteering. I started digging around and was immediately drawn to a pair of Sockwell Plantar Ease. A friend saw me admiring the pair and quickly asked if I ever struggled with Plantar Fasciitis (PF), well, running 100's of miles a month I was very accustomed to having PF issues. They swore up and down about how I would love these Plantar Ease socks and I should take them and give them a shot. I wore them the very next day on a run and continued wearing that same pair of socks day-in and day-out for the next 4-5 days, of course my wife made me wash them occasionally! I was sold on Goodhew/Sockwell after this one pair of socks and then finding out that they were a Chattanooga-based company was just icing on the cake. After trying out more of the Goodhew/Sockwell options I found that all of their product line met the needs for different aspects of my life. Depending on the situation, I've found a combination of Sockwell Plantar Ease Quarters and Compression Sleeves work well when I'm running 'long' trail races where my calves are going to feel the benefits of compression throughout the race but I may have to stop occasionally to remove my quarter socks to change into a fresh pair or simply re-apply foot creams. Sometimes a fresh pair of socks will feel like a God-send during a 100-mile trail race! For a race that's going to be less likely to require any foot attention during the race, then a good pair of Incline or Elevation Compression socks does the trick. Regardless of the race distance I've found that using a pair of the Elevation Compression for recovery immediately following any distance race significantly improves the mental and physical aspects of my recovery. This is true from as short of a race as a 10k to as long as a 100-mile trail race through the Colorado mountains. Having used many different brands of socks over the past few years I haven't found any higher quality manufacturer than the Goodhew/Sockwell lineup and definitely haven't found any other companies as willing to work with community to get them the products they need for their every day lives. Photo by Jobie Williams (@jobiewilliams)
—Nathan Holland, Chattanooga TN

GoodHew/Sockwell socks are the best socks, we have ever had on our feet. We walk 36 holes on some tournament days, and we used to change socks after 18 holes but now we just keep going. They really check all the boxes that you didn't know you had for taking care of your feet. They are our go-to socks! They are warm or cool depending on what you need them to be. The compression socks are amazing for many reasons. They keep us comfortable when we travel and keep us warm on the course when the temperature drops. On top of all of that, they are just cool socks. We love the designs and everything about them. We can never have too many pairs of GoodHew/Sockwell socks! They are truly the best, our feet are always happy when we are wearing them!
—UTC Women's Golf Team

I genuinely love Sockwell compression socks! As an avid runner & personal trainer I have tried most major compression socks over the last 15 years. Sockwell by far has always impressed me! I love their soft material & the way it pulls moisture from your skin. I also love the effectiveness of the graduated compression. I also always wear Sockwell when traveling or flying. Thanks for making such fabulous socks!
—Runnergirl Training, runnergirltraining.com

Oh my goodness what a relief I feel for my tired, achy feet and legs! Best socks ever. I am in and out of my car all day then sitting in front of a computer and the first day I knew they were amazing, the second day I am in love! I can't wait to fly somewhere to see how they feel. My feet don't touch the floor on planes, can't wait to fly. Thank you, Elliott's Boots for suggesting to me to try these socks! I am sold and want many other colors.
—Julie Shipley Chamberlain

I just want to take a moment and let you know how truly elated I am that I found these socks this past weekend. I broke my back when I was 20 and am now 45. I have worn compression stockings for the past 25 years and have been less than excited with my choices, options and quality. Having found your products means more to me than I can express here. I bought one pair to try them out and couldn't believe the fit. Since I was disabled I am required to wear compression socks and I feel like now I have choices that I wish I had all along. Truly, thank you for making these.
—Scott Pazera

Let me start by adding to the scores of enthusiastic reviews of how great your socks are. They truly are a superior product, unmatched by any other sock on the market. This merit is earned not only because of the exceptional quality and comfort, but because of the immense difference in effectiveness that Sockwell compression socks provide over all competitors. At a younger age I would never have thought that a sock could have such a huge impact on my quality of life. I have read the reviews from runners, travelers, and other athletically inclined users, and share in their passion for the relief you have provided with your remarkable products. Living in western Montana, at the age of 34, I still live a highly active lifestyle both at work and in my free time, and have been able to do so because of your commitment to excellence.
—Jacob, Montana

(Goodhew) is my new best friend in comfort! From the tennis court to running all around the restaurant, your socks have been a life-saver. Thank you for providing such a good product that is made with love. Goodhew is a company which is easy to stand behind. I'll never shop for socks anywhere but on the Goodhew website again!
—Allison, FL

Tough Mudder took place in Georgia on Saturday March 12th www.toughmudder.com It was a demanding 12.4 mile obstacle course race based off of the training exercises of the British Special Forces. It was well beyond a traditional mud run. 5 minutes into the race we were neck deep in freezing cold water and still had 12 miles to go. Some of the other obstacle highlights were carrying with a teammate a 8ft log for a 1/4 mile up and down hills on a wooded trail, diving 15ft off a plank into a pond then swimming 15 yards, and running 10 yards through mud while live electrical wires dangle in front of you. I (wore) my Black Goodhew Sport Footie socks. The best compliment I can pay Goodhew is that not once during the race did I notice my feet. I was sore on all other parts of my body but not my feet. I have no doubt the decision I made to wear these Goodhew socks helped me get to the finish line of Tough Mudder. Not only that but the socks withstood the pounding they took during Tough Mudder and after washing are back in my drawer ready for more wear!
—Kevin, GA

Just got some Goodhews and I am impressed. I like my feet to be happy so I am pretty particular about my socks. These are soft and comfy and give me good support. I also got some of the 100% merino tall socks to wear to work and have gotten compliments on the look, I was just glad to have comfy feet. Get out of your old white gym socks and treat your feet!
—Backcountry.com Customer

Just wanted you to know how much I love your socks...(I) find them to be a real value. They feel wonderful, wash well, keep their shape and I also like the different colors and styles. Just ordered 10 more pair for my daughter and daughter-in-law. I also just ordered some for my husband--hope he likes them as much as I do. Thank you so much for a great product made in the USA.

Goodhew makes a product that will rock your socks off....giving you cause to put on another pair of Goodhew's......that will also be rocked off.....a vicious (yet, deliciously comfortable) cycle.
—Happy Goodhew Customer

There are certain things in life that you just cannot imagine appreciating until you actually experience them. Socks would have never come to mind. How much improvement can be made over the standard cotton sock? Quite a bit, it turns out. My first pair of Goodhew socks didn't see any action for weeks after receiving them as a gift. My thought was, "Socks are socks, and I'm not buying into some sales pitch about the evils of cotton socks." Once I tried them, though, the difference in the quality of craftsmanship and quality of materials was immediately apparent. You can't put on a pair of Goodhew without being struck by the sense that feels something like "this is what a sock SHOULD be." My suggestion is this....give one pair of Goodhew a shot. That's all it will take. You can't NOT recognize them as a truly superior product.
—Matt, TN

I have learned to not always trust my first impressions when it comes to Goodhew (aka wool) socks. Initially, I thought the Bergamo socks would be too hot and thick since they had a cushioned sole; however, the soft, tight and amazingly comfortable socks blew me away. I currently work in law enforcement and I wear boots that are waterproof which only means that the boots do not breathe. Having dry and comfortable feet while working long hours on my feet is very important to me. I must say that the Bergamo socks made by Goodhew made all of the difference! Every step is like a constant reminder of how bad all of my other socks feel after a long day....I love how the Goodhew socks maintain a tight fit and never seem to stretch out. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone in law enforcement or anyone who spends long hours in work boots.
—Ben, TN

When I sell your socks to my customers I warn them that they are going to cry a little (even if they just cry on the inside) when their Goodhew socks are dirty and they have to wear their old socks the next day. They chuckle and say yeah right, but they come back and tell me I was right when they come in to buy more.
—Ben, IA

...I must say these Goodhew are the best! I have beat them hard and they are holding up. I sent a few pairs to be tested at the military test facility. The 50 wash cycle testing results were a pass. For me, they don't fall down!
—Loren, TN

I spent 4 days trekking in Peru, high in the Andes and into the edge of the Amazon Jungle. Of all the gear I hand-picked for this 36 mile trip with 7000 total feet of elevation gain and 5000 total feet of elevation loss, I was most impressed with my Taos Crew socks. I wore the same pair for the first 3 days of the hike...we hiked nearly 30 hours, often straight uphill or on unnerving downhill grades. Through all of that, my feet were kept warm at a misty/rainy 14,000 feet, and cool at a jungle-humid 8,500 feet. Prone to blisters, I had none on this trip...for that I'm incredibly thankful.
—Ellick, NC

These are great boxers. I've been more of a boxer-brief guy over the past 10 years or so, but these boxers make me want to replace my entire underwear drawer.The cotton feels like silk and they have a great sort of retro look.Great item, I'll be sure to buy more!
—Kurt, MA

We received Goodhew socks for Christmas and even after many washes, they are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. Normally, socks go flat after a few washes. Not the Goodhew!
—Mike, FL

I have never found socks so nice! I will be buying only Goodhew products from now on. I'm completely hooked!
—James, MT

Goodhew socks are...the first socks I've ever put on my feet that seem to massage and support them like nothing I've placed on my feet before. I think the rest of my body is a little jealous as it has started having little pains ever since my feet became that comfortable.
—Larry, TN

I backcountry ski almost every weekend, so for Christmas all I asked for was ski socks. When I received a pair of Goodhew women's socks I was a little hesitant since I'd never heard of it. Well today I tried them out, in 6-30 degrees (F) temperatures and they worked great!! Definitely recommend them!
—Hollis, CO

Larry and I have met a lot of people on airplanes, but never anyone who followed up with a great product — WOW — we were tickled to get the socks — with a handwritten note — professional and courteous. You certainly know how to impress! Thanks so much from your new customers,
—Larry and Susan, CA

I have been very impressed with the socks that I was able to try and I can tell you I will be back to buy more and while I am at it I will be picking up some socks and boxers for my husband. These would make great Christmas gifts for anyone on your list who likes comfort.
—Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Blog